Jason Crow

An explosive new post on BrotherJeff.com highlights a conversation that an Arapahoe County Democratic Party executive allegedly had that centered on a 2014 statement from then-Secretary of the Colorado Democratic Party Carolyn Boller:

“The ‘this’ [Arapahoe County Democratic Chair] Wolf claims no knowledge of was an insensitive remark made in 2014 by then Secretary of the Colorado Democratic Party Carolyn Boller. ‘I don’t mean to be crass,’ she told Naquetta Ricks, who was running for University of Colorado Board of Regents, following a February 4 candidate training workshop. ‘They say, too many African Americans are running for office in Arapahoe County.’ Ricks and House District 37 candidate Marlo Alston were two Black women at the training seeking party guidance.”

Say what? Since we Republicans don’t operate on quotas, we are just curious how many too many “African Americans running for office” is. Perhaps Democrats can enlighten us.

While this episode should be terribly embarrassing for Democrats, it also could be why random Sixth Congressional Candidate Jason Crow is receiving help from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and qualified black female candidates, Sen. Rhonda Fields and Rep. Janet Buckner, are not. It’s really no problem for us either way – no matter who Democrats put up in the district, he or she will run straight into the Coffman buzz saw.

But it’s incredibly disingenuous for Democrats to claim that they are the party of women and black people, and, then, turn around and deny these qualified (although still unfortunate) candidates national party help in favor of Jason Crow, who doesn’t even live in the district.