With a newly published study fresh in hand, the Douglas County Federation, one of the two teachers unions battling it out for the hearts and minds money of Douglas County teachers, is ready to roll out recycled grievances against the Douglas County Board of Education. Self-described as “a team of professionals putting students first,” it is interesting that their survey is solely focused on teacher pay, teacher opinion, and the teacher view of the district’s image. So much for students.

In fact, not a single blog post in 18 months focuses on student achievement, the community’s view of the district, or how students and parents feel about the quality of instruction.  Instead, this “students first” organization is publishing stories about teacher pay, superintendent pay, teacher evaluation policy, and school board candidates.

Now they are saying that just eight percent of teachers with more than five years on the job believe the district listens to their concerns, three-quarters of teachers do not believe the pay system is fair, 87% of teachers with more than five years experience do not think that they have a positive work environment, and am amazing 89% of teachers with more than five years on the job don’t believe that the district has a good public image.

So there you have it – left wing talking points for the upcoming school board election.  Remember this every time you hear them drone on about it being “for the kids” – every one of their priorities is focused on ginning up outrage among teachers, and not student achievement.