There are opinions you don’t agree with and, then, there are calls for violence. In an article published yesterday, FoxNews asked Dave Krieger, the editorial page editor to explain his move to publish the violent words of fractivist Andrew O’Conner, who in the course of just a few weeks has called for oil and gas wells to be blown up and for snipers to take out oil and gas workers. In his explanation, Krieger equated sanctioning threats of violence with those who remain skeptical about climate change.


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“Dave Krieger, the editorial page editor of the Daily Camera, acknowledges his mistake in publishing the letter but makes an interesting point: ‘We view our editorial page as a speaker’s corner,’ Krieger told me. ‘We publish climate skeptics and some people don’t like that. But we think that within the bounds of good taste, people should be able to say what they want.'”

Calling for threats of harm to property or body is absolutely not the same as calling for threats of violence. If Krieger can’t discern the difference, perhaps he should not be the editorial page editor, which requires a tremendous amount of judgment, especially in Boulder.