In a room full of unruly leftist agitators, Steve Levine says he was virtually the lone conservative at U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton’s recent Pueblo West town hall meeting.

And contrary to Democratic activist claims, the deck wasn’t stacked to hear from conservatives only, Levine reveals in a letter to the editor of the Pueblo Chieftain.

I couldn’t speak because they chose tickets. But had I spoke, I would have dressed down that poor excuse of an audience.

I sat in the first row and had to stand up and yell to these unruly morons in my best military voice to “at ease” and shut up. It was a shame that being Pueblo West as opposed to Pueblo has more Republicans than I and maybe a couple of others were present.

Sadly, town hall meetings in Colorado and across the nation have become a farce, a stage for Democratic activists to demand business as usual rather than inspire change, and to act a fool to capture media attention.

But Republicans are also to blame for turning apathetic just because the GOP has White House and Congressional control.

So long as Republicans sit out these town meetings and do nothing while Democrats are holding weekly protests and marches to get their message heard, nothing will get accomplished.

Levine should not be the only Republican standing up to these fools, but we thank him for doing so.