I hate you, Colorado Peak Politics

Despite hiring a public relations firm to peddle his book, Governor John Hickenlooper is coming up as a third-tier pick for the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, according to CNN, which placed him in the “There’s a chance, but…” category. If that’s the shot, here’s the chaser from the same article:

“One grain of salt before we proceed. A prominent Democratic consultant offered this analysis of the current field: ‘I don’t think there is a top tier. I think our bench is that weak so everyone starts in Tier B.'”


So, our Governor is a third-tier candidate in a field with an incredibly weak bench.  Here’s what the article said about Hick’s chances:

“Quietly, the governor of Colorado made it to the final cut of Clinton’s vice presidential list. He has a powerful story — small businessman, mayor of Denver, two term governor — and represents a part of the county where Democrats are growing. But, he is very low-key — and may be too moderate for Democratic primary voters.”

First, we have to laugh. It wasn’t quietly, it was through the work of a PR firm that kept Hick’s name in the spotlight that Hick made the Clinton short list. But what CNN noted is probably true. At this point, Hick’s Democratic Party has probably moved so far left that a candidate who embraces responsible oil and gas development probably doesn’t have a base in the Democratic Primary.

Also in this third tier are Montana Governor Steve Bullock, Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Mayor of New Orleans Mitch Landrieu, Martin O’Malley (hey, at least Hick has a friend to commisserate with), and Rep. Seth Moulton (who?).

Oh well. Better luck next ranking, Gov.