A Weld County School District RE-5J teacher is on paid leave while officials there investigate a Cinco De Mayo celebration that included a political piñata and kids literally bashing President Trump.

Pictures of the event spread across social media, including a Facebook post from parent Lesley Hollywood who was not amused.

Now it’s no secret I didn’t vote for Trump, and I’m certainly not his biggest fan. I’d be outraged by this if it was Obama or Bush or Clinton. It’s really unbelievable, especially right here in little ol’ Johnstown, Colorado (a town which is honestly fairly conservative).

She said it was unclear whether it was a student-driven idea, but noted that the class Spanish teacher allowed them to hack away at it. The piñata was tied to a tree, and students used a bat, according to a statement from the school district.

“This was an incredibly disrespectful act that does not reflect the values of Roosevelt High School or the school district,” said Superintendent Martin Foster.

The teacher, identified by Hollywood in the photo below wearing khaki pants and a white shirt, certainly seems involved in the activity.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this picture says the teacher deserved to be on unpaid leave.