It was that family who contacted police because they were afraid to let their child go to school on Monday, the mom told the Greeley Tribune in an interview.

“(Officials) went through some of these threats and made the decision to cancel school. I’m sure there were also other threats going to the school because people are angry the teacher was put on leave and people are angry that this even happened in the first place.”
“My daughter has ended up collateral damage because she’s a student there and my daughter. The harassment that’s happening to her is just absolutely unbelievable. I have never seen anything like it.”

Such behavior is outrageous, so knock it off. The mother simply questioned whether the activity allowed by the Spanish teacher was appropriate, and the school district put the teacher on paid leave to investigate.

If it’s the same students threatening the family who were planning a walk-out at the school to show their support for the teacher, then those parents need to be notified as well.

This situation just goes to show that using school time for political bashing, literally, was a very bad idea.