It was only a matter of time before the liberal’s “everyone’s a winner” approach to sports and education finally caught on in real life.

None of the Colorado Democrats running for the 2nd vice chair position were able to win with a majority of votes from their March meeting.

Since no one won, everyone’s a winner and the party has three, 2nd vice chairs!

Former Arapahoe County Democratic Party Chair Pat Shaver, is the party’s 2nd vice chair, while former Democratic National Committeeman Mannie Rodriguez and former Bernie Sanders campaign staffer Miguel Ceballos will serve as co-deputy 2nd vice chairs.

The three candidates agreed the outcome was preferable to convening another central committee meeting for additional rounds of voting.

We bet they did. Why choose losing when everyone can win! No wonder Democrats are still miffed over the presidential election, they probably think Hillary should have been named deputy 1st chief co-president.