Today, Denver District Attorney Beth McCann tried to offer access to her Crime Scene Investigative unit to raise money for Denver Democrats. If it sounds shady, that’s because it is. The only requirement for the tour of Denver’s crime lab is that attendees join the Denver Democrats’ Mile High Club. Compass Colorado’s Kelly Maher issued a press release about the event calling the appearance “slimy at best” and noting that:

“If a Republican District Attorney were to attempt this same tactic they would have their skin flayed off with a potato peeler by the left.”

While the pile on continues, we argue that McCann’s invitation is just as bad as her attempts to sell a public entity to fundraise for a political interest. Did a 70-year old grandmother put this together?

The best part of the invite is the “CSI” clip art. In normal circles, CSI stands for Crime Scene Investigation, like the TV show on CBS; however, in this instance, CSI apparently stands for California Supernatural Investigators. See for yourself:

The only supernatural element about this quasi pay-for-play tour is McCann’s attempt to sell access to a publicly-funded entity.