Revealing Politics caught liberal state Rep. Susan Lontine calling Colorado Christian University a “hate group” because its alleged support for a bill at the State House. Just one problem. Neither CCU nor its affiliated think tank, Centennial Institute, took a position on these bills. Here is CCU’s statement:

See the video below:

The policy that Lontine described was a proposed piece of legislation that would allow the families of illegal immigrants’ victims to sue public officials who refused to enforce immigration laws. On some level, it’s not totally outrageous. Electeds often are tasked with upholding our nation’s laws. If they refuse to do so, some believe electeds have some liability for the resulting damage.

It’s a topic worth debating. But Lontine doesn’t want a debate – she didn’t even care about the truth. She wanted to shut down all debate by calling a Christian university a hate group. While it’s true that some may not agree with CCU on certain issues, to call the organization a hate group is a bit of a stretch. Colorado would be well served to have a robust debate on controversial issues, not silence those with whom you disagree and certainly not lie about whether a Christian University supported a piece of legislation or not.

Rep. Lontine owes CCU an apology.