As everyone waits with bated breath to hear whether Governor Hickenlooper will call the legislature back into session, there’s one person who seems to not have a care in the world – the Governor. According to Colorado Politics, Hick was to take the weekend to decide whether to hold a special session to address transportation issues that the legislature Democrats wouldn’t prioritize.

And Democratic State Sen. Democratic Leader Lucia Guzman on Monday said she hadn’t heard from Hick on this issue.

But according to social media, Hick was not thinking intently about a special session. Instead, it appears that he played in a banjo concert on Sunday night, and, then, flew to Washington, D.C. on Monday where he grabbed drinks with a well-known political operative. We assume he is still not thinking about Colorado’s transportation issues.

And so still everyone waits (some of us in gridlocked traffic).

What was so important in Washington, D.C. that the Governor ignored the transportation issues back here in Colorado?