U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner says he needs more information about President Trump’s meeting with Russian officials last week before drawing a conclusion on what happened, and after looking at what caused the whole uproar we say he’s absolutely right.

The Washington Post article that purports to break this spine-tingling story of Trump spilling intelligence gathering beans to the Russians is weak.

There are allusions to unnamed sources somewhere in government that heard 2nd or 3rd hand that Trump discussed a new terrorist threat involving laptops and airplanes that might originate in a Middle East country.

We’re pretty sure we’ve been reading about that threat for years on Facebook.

These unnamed sources don’t seem to know what Trump actually said but are concerned that he might have given away an intelligence stream from sensitive sources and “code-word” information.

Sounds shocking, doesn’t it? But then the Washington Post goes on to report that Trump can’t even be bothered in his daily briefings to read multiple pages of information, and insists on bullet-points that they say he never reads anyway.

So Trump is a doofus who ignores his briefings yet grasps secret minute logistics and code words and spilled the beans to the Russians because he owes them a favor?

And we’re supposed to believe all of this non-sourced and speculative information is true because Trump once yelled at the Australian prime minister, and a diner at Mar-a-Largo snapped a picture of Trump conferring with aides, presumably over North Korea?

Interestingly, the Post article is where all of the sensitive information was laid out for the world to see, again from their unnamed source who feared Trump might have said something.

The whole story looks like rubbish and an excuse to bash Trump and call for impeachment, again.

No wonder Gardner is hesitant to stake a position on the whole affair. We’re all going to need a lot more information on whether Trump leaked, or his administration leaked in order to hurt Trump.