Jason Crow

Jason Crow, the Democratic establishment pick who hopes to unseat the indefatigable Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, has an unusual campaign strategy – he will not move into the District unless he is elected. His refusal to move into the district prior to winning does not exactly inspire confidence in his confidence that he can unseat Coffman, who has destroyed every single challenger despite being in one of the most competitive districts in the country. And, let’s not forget, he lied about it.

When Crow launched his campaign, he told reporters that he planned to move into the district shortly, and then last week, Crow told The Villager that would move “as soon as we can.”

Today, he told another publication that he plans to move only if he wins.

So, which is it, Mr. Crow?

Further, as was pointed out on Twitter, this strange refusal to move into the district he hopes to represent also means that he will not be able to vote for himself come election day. We guess the eponymous candidate voting photo will have little meaning since on his ballot will be checked Diana Degette (we presume, since he’s a Democratic establishment shill).

Crow, despite being apparently backed by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, may have a primary ahead of him. Rumor has it that Democratic state Sen. Rhonda Fields and state Rep. Janet Buckner also were or are considering running for the seat. It’s unclear why the DCCC would back a guy who refuses to move into the district when there are two perfectly capable (although still going to lose) candidates who live in the district.

Nonetheless, we will be waiting for Crow to take a photo with his ballot (ballot selfies are legal!) and mock his inability to vote for himself. After all, with potential primary candidates like Fields and Buckner and a general candidate like Coffman, Crow will need all the votes he can muster.