The Greeley Tribune has gone off the deep end in an opinion piece spraying blame for the school shutdown that occurred after Piñatagate in jaw-dropping, epic, hypocritical proportions that makes us want to heave.

They say it’s not the teacher’s fault for allowing the political Trump bashing in the first place, it’s not the kids whose social media threats prompted the school to close, and it’s not those parents’ fault for raising hoodlums.

No, it’s the fault of the mother who posted on Facebook about the Cinco de Mayo event at the school questioning whether it was appropriate.

In other words, the whistleblower.

If she had just kept her opinions off her own private Facebook page and continued to let the Spanish teacher instruct her child on politics without complaint, then other kids would not have gotten mad and made threats forcing the school to close.

If she had just hung up on all those reporters, including one from the Greeley Tribune, who called to interview her, those children of other parents would not have made threats prompting the school to close.

If the mom had just kept her non-political opinion to herself, she herself would not have received hundreds of threats from people who learned about the incident from her personal Facebook page media reports.

What a bunch of hypocrites.

Saying that none of this would have happened if the mom had just kept her opinion off her personal Facebook page, is like saying a woman was raped because she wore a short skirt and revealed too much.

It’s disgusting, and the paper should be ashamed.