Maybe AFP can get this guy a legit headshot?

Colorado State Senate Chief of Staff, Jesse Mallory, is headed for greener pastures as the Colorado Director of Americans for Prosperity, a grassroots mobilization organization. Colorado Senate President Kevin Grantham offered kind words about Mallory’s departure:

“Naturally, we’re saddened by his departure, but also pleased that he’ll be working for an organization we have a lot of respect for, even when we differ at times on policy details. Jesse brought a lot of passion, experience and street smarts to his work; he deserves a good measure of credit, in my opinion, for the fact that Republicans regained control of the Colorado State Senate. So we’re extremely grateful for his contributions here and wish him similar success in this next endeavor.”

Mallory has been with the Colorado State Senate since August 2010, first as the communications director, and, then, as the chief of staff. When he started with the Senate, both the state House and Senate were under Democratic control. He was part of the team that helped flip the Colorado State Senate and prevented the (formerly) liberal legislature from destroying the state.

Mallory has been with the Colorado State Senate since our blog was founded, so we will miss him in his Chief of Staff role, but we’re sure he will be doing great things at Americans for Prosperity. Good luck, Jesse!