Photo credit: Dougherty’s LinkedIn

Yet another Democrat has filed to join the Colorado Attorney General Democratic primary – Michael Dougherty. In case you don’t know who he is (we didn’t), apparently, he is a deputy prosecutor from Boulder and is an assistant district attorney in Jefferson and Gilpin Counties. According to the Denver Post, he also spent time in the Colorado Attorney General’s office as well as the New York City district attorney’s office.

In other words, he is inherently more qualified than his competitor in the race, Rep. Joe Salazar, who we did not even realize was a lawyer until he filed.

Dougherty hopes to position himself as the grownup in the race with sentiments like the following from the Denver Post:

“Dougherty said he plans to focus on the environment, public safety, consumer protection and government transparency. And, he added, the attorney general needs to do more than simply pledge to oppose President Donald Trump’s agenda, something that both Salazar and Weiser list as priorities in their own campaigns.

“‘It’s easy for individuals to be anti-Trump, but in my mind we need a lot more,’ Dougherty said, ‘…not simply someone who’s going to point out the problems.'”

Although, let’s be honest. It’s not hard to be the grownup in the race when Salazar is one of the contenders.