Scrolling through Twitter, you’d have thought that Republicans were in the process of assembling death panels themselves by liberals’ false and misleading statistics. Here’s the truth. The Congressional Budget Office published a report on the new proposed legislation. The report found that the repeal and replace effort would reduce premiums and shrink the federal deficit by $119 million. Additionally, the CBO report outlines that the new health plan would “bring stability in most states before 2020.”

Sounds good, right?

Here’s where liberals get all pearl-clutchy – the CBO report also found that about 25 million fewer people will have insurance coverage. But what those on the left are leaving out of the argument is that “a certain portion of those people would likely purchase plans using tax credits, the CBO expects.”

Huh, that wasn’t mentioned in the tweeting. And neither was this:

“Lower average premiums are expected to be enough to attract the younger, healthy Americans who largely opted out of ObamaCare, something Republican lawmakers are proud of.”

We have our own disagreements with the AHCA, but, folks, the sky isn’t falling with this particular piece of legislation. And, even if it was, it shouldn’t be an instrument with which to bludgeon Sen. Cory Gardner. The Senate will never vote on it anyway, according to our sources.