Democratic maybe-a-candidate candidate Levi Tillemann (Dick) must agree with us that campaign finance rules are dumb because he’s positioning himself squarely above Federal Election Commission rules. Before even officially declaring himself a candidate, Tillemann (Dick) began a CrowdPAC fundraising campaign to run as a Democratic challenger in the Sixth Congressional District. So far, Tillemann (Dick) has raised over $28,000. Wait…isn’t there a rule…..

Compass Colorado yesterday called on Tillemann (Dick) to file as a candidate and stop flouting campaign finance laws. We checked the Federal Elections Commission website and Tillemann (Dick) still has not registered.

But this isn’t his only campaign activity. Apparently, Levi also has a campaign logo, so he’s not just taking money, but also spending it. Both the logo and the campaign are at least two weeks old, according to the Facebook post and his CrowdPAC campaign.

As a candidate, he should know better. As the grandson of two prominent politicians, he should really know better.

The bottom line is that he’s in violation of FEC law. If a Republican ignored campaign finance law so brazenly, Colorado Ethics Watch would be all over it like Bill Clinton on an intern. We haven’t seen a single complaint – legal or verbal. But, alas, this Tillemann Dick marches on.

The only thing we can surmise is that, as the product of two political families, he feels he is above the law. And, without any pushback from CEW or similar, it appears as though he might just get away with it.