The Boulder City Council is embarking on a “culture change” in the way it handles public comment from local residents.

Instead of coming up with a predetermined solution and then presenting it to the public for comment, they will invite the public to help them make the decision through a series of nine steps that includes defining what a problem is before embarking on a solution.

Hang with us, it gets funnier.

Councilwoman Lisa Morzel, the council liaison to the working group, said the city needs to heed the recommendations in order to dismantle the “perception” that Boulder and its various officials often reach decisions before moving ahead with public outreach.

So the plan is to come up with the decision, and then take it to the public for comment.

Call us crazy, but it seems like if you want to shift the culture by not doing the same thing over and over again, not doing the same thing over again might be the first step.