What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on over at the Denver Post?

First they fire sports writer Terry Frei because of this Tweet he sent after Japanese race car driver Takuma Sato won the Indy 500.

“Nothing specifically personal, but I am very uncomfortable with a Japanese driver winning the Indianapolis 500 during Memorial Day weekend.”

Frei tweeted later to explain that his dad or someone fought in WWII and blah, blah, blah. But that doesn’t matter, because at the Denver Post, it’s not okay to be uncomfortable with different races of people.

Unless they are white.

In an opinion piece posted Memorial Day, the editors take on the cost of Medicaid and Republican efforts to reform the system.

So now the nation’s hopes fall on the clever policy minds in the Senate — including our own Gardner, who seems to be working on the side of reason. Let’s hope that the 13 white men McConnell selected can do what Democrats failed to do the first time and fix America’s expensive and ineffective health insurance system without breaking the federal purse.

Are they suggesting that no white Democratic males are able to solve the problem?
Are they saying that white males can’t possibly understand the needs of the poor on Medicaid because poor people aren’t white?

Or were they being sarcastic and suggesting that white men are too stupid to solve a problem?

It may be nothing specifically personal, but the Denver Post seems very uncomfortable with a white man winning an election and governing.