Last week, we highlighted the totally illegal CrowdPac site that candidate Levi Tillemann (Dick) set up to raise money for his not-yet-filed campaign for Colorado’s Sixth Congressional District. An astute reader, upon looking at Tillemann (Dick’s) CrowdPac page noticed something we didn’t – Tillemann (Dick) is not in the Sixth Congressional District, where we thought he lived, but apparently, is in Washington, D.C. See below.

So, it would appear that Tillemann (Dick’s) tour that he claimed to be planning to understand the residents of the CD6 is nothing more than a road trip or vacation of sorts for Tillemann (Dick).

So, now the Democratic Party is supporting two white men, neither of which actually live in the district they would hope to represent. Meanwhile, there are two black elected women who actually live in the district that the Democratic Party is casting aside. These women should be furious with their party, which claims to be the party of minorities and women.