In case you thought a recent meeting of the minds in Aspen was meant to come up with legitimate solutions to protect Colorado’s environment, we are here to disabuse you of that notion. A conference hosted by Aspen Mayor Steve Skadron featured commentary by diverse voices like Elise Jones, Boulder County Commissioner; Brad Udall, water researcher at the Colorado Water Institute at Colorado State University; Carl Castillo, policy advisor for Boulder; Aspen Climate Action manager Ashley Perl; and others driving climate change racket.

So, no input from the average population like an energy end-user, a taxpayer, or from the energy industry. Got it.

Here’s Commissioner Jones’ take on next steps for stopping climate change implementing her friends’ green company solutions, according to Vail Daily:

“Boulder County Commissioner Elise Jones, a former executive director of the Colorado Environmental Coalition, said the county’s research indicated that local action on climate could only achieve small improvements. The critical components are federal fuel-efficiency standards for vehicles and state mandates for renewable energy use by public utility companies, she said.”

Udall emphasized how critical addressing global warming is:

“‘This is the single most important issue facing humanity,’ Udall said. Researchers are continually learning more about the consequences of the planet warming. ‘The science is compelling.'”

Perhaps Udall wrote his remarks before Aspen Ski Co. announced it would keep slopes open for Memorial Day. And, then, there’s this amazing tidbit in the Vail Daily article:

“Ironically, several people who signed up were unable to attend because of travel woes created by a mid-May blizzard.”

Ironic indeed.