U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman

Government spends millions of taxpayer dollars on bogus “scientific” studies on things like shrimp aquaculture, potatoes, pickles and even wool — waste so outrageous it brings tears to our eyes.

But here’s a study we can get behind.

U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, responding to a recent story in the Colorado Springs Gazette, wants the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine to review suicides, drug overdoses, and the deaths of veterans over the last five years.

The Gazette exposed the gut-wrenching details of the death of Noah Harter, a Marine who survived 300 combat missions but fell victim to the incompetence of VA healthcare.

When Harter suffered a form of depression common among those who have endured long-term exposure to battlefield death and destruction, he did exactly the right thing. He went to his assigned health care provider and asked for help.

The VA reportedly treated him like chattel. Knowing Harter was a high-risk suicide patient, the staff sent him home “with a powerful anti-depressant and no scheduled follow-up appointments.”

Days later, Harter took his own life.

We hope that the entire Colorado delegation will support Coffman’s bill to conduct this much-needed research.

We expect such data to be revealing, disturbing, and essential to veterans’ health and well being.

Getting to the bottom of increased suicides by veterans is the least we can do for them, and examining the treatment they are currently getting is the essential first step.