Democrat Attorney General hopefuls are piling onto Trump’s decision to ignore the Paris Agreement in the hopes of distinguishing themselves from the pack, but instead they all come off sounding like a pack of wild hyenas.

Rep. Joe Salazar is “disgusted” and submits that Trump wants to kill the planet, and people. But Joe Salazar, much like Aquaman riding his fish to the rescue, will save the people and the planet.

Former CU Law School Dean Phil Weiser says someone needs to protect the children, while leading the world to protect the planet. That sounds like a job for Batman somebody.

Then there’s Michael Dougherty, deputy district attorney for the 1st Judicial District, who says Trump’s decision is a real and immediate threat, and that if elected, he will protect the environment and the land, water, parks, and public lands, because that’s all different stuff that can only be handled by this superhero.

Meanwhile, current Attorney General Cynthia Coffman is staying out of the fray, which has nothing to do with the job of being an attorney general.

And as we keep reminding, the Paris Agreement was never ratified by the U.S. Senate.

“My decision to decline adding my name to either letter reflects my opinion that as the state’s attorney general, there is no legal necessity for me to comment on non-binding international agreements. I remain of that opinion today,” Coffman said.