Photo credit: Twitter

Neil Westergaard, you are our hero. We’re just sorry it took us this long to read this amazing piece by the publisher of the Denver Business Journal that admonishes the Denver City Council for trying to discourage Denverites from using cars. Here is a stinging portion from Westergaard:

“They want you to take the bus, walk or ride a bike to get where you want to go in the city, no matter the weather and no matter how inconvenient it is for you, no matter how cheap gas is and no matter if it makes the city unproductive and uncompetitive. Your physical condition is of no consequence, either.

“They believe it’s the only way that Denver can continue its break-neck growth and soaring housing inflation before congestion chokes off every route around and through the city, the roads crumble into dust and gravel (because they aren’t maintained) and no one but the rich can afford to live here.”

Denver’s attitude toward driving is a war on families, and especially women. Really.

We shouldn’t have cars? So, how do you want us to grocery shop? Or maybe we should throw newborns on the backs of bikes? Is there a six-year car seat plan for a carless society? God forbid you have dry cleaning. Or forget it if you’re pregnant.

It’s not just that Denver is encouraging alternative transit, it’s that the city is intentionally making it difficult for families and individuals to get around using a car, often most practical way of moving about, especially in a city that isn’t quite dense enough to rely on public transportation.

A quick note to the Denver City Council, which is driving this attitude – taking away our cars doesn’t make us New York. It just makes us angry.