Joey Bunch at Colorado Politics writes that he is losing his hair. We are desperately worried about him, because the headline suggested this had something to do with journalistic integrity, of which Joey has plenty.

Insights: Colorado Politics’ success depends on your view of our integrity

I need to be straight with you about something. Are you sitting down? I can wait. I’m losing my hair. It’s the thing I’m the most insecure about, at least right now. Going bald is not the worst thing that ever happened to me, but it’s something I wish hipsters younger than me wouldn’t think about when …

Slam! Paywall.

We suspect this was just a metaphor to talk abut the new collaborative effort between Colorado Politics and The Colorado Statesman, but alas, we will never know.

Because paywall.

We’ve tried to check out several other stories this week, only to get that annoying Statesman page to subscribe.

We’re short on bucks, so if someone could please check on Joey, rub his head to make sure he’s okay, we’d appreciate it.

Also, we’d like to remind PeakNation™ that we are still free to read.

And, we’re having a fantastic hair day.