The top VA officials responsible for bungling construction at the VA hospital in Aurora and are accused of lying to Congress about the cost overruns won’t be prosecuted by the Justice Department for perjury.

Despite proof by the House Veterans Affairs Committee that the executives perjured themselves to hide the monumental mismanagement, government claims there is not

enough evidence to hold the bureaucrats responsible.

Evidence like this:

The VA’s inspector general, an internal watchdog, said last year that (Glenn) Haggstrom knew the project was veering toward huge cost overruns but didn’t tell lawmakers when he testified before Congress in 2013 and 2014. That prompted lawmakers to call for the perjury investigation of Haggstrom and (Stella) Fiotes.

U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman released the Justice Department letter to the AP, and said “there is clear evidence that they intentionally misled Congress.”

We can’t think of a time when entrenched bureaucrats held each other responsible for their actions, be it perjury, improper spending, or polluting the Animas River.

Sounds like the swamp is still gurgling in Washington, and not all of the alligators have been captured.

We hope this does not portend what will happen when the EPA gets around to reexamining the Gold King Mine spill. The VA conclusion is truly disappointing.