Shannon Watts, the founder of Bloomberg-funded gun grabbing group Moms Demand Action, is dipping her toe into the Congressional District Two race, according to Twitter.

If you think that’s not possible, you are wrong. Watts has recently relocated to Boulder from her hometown of Indiana. Watts, a former director of public affairs and communications for Monsanto and the head of PR for health insurer WellPoint, started Moms Demand Action after the Newtown, Connecticut shootings. Since the start of Moms Demand Action, Watts has attracted the attention of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who just cannot stop funding Democrats in Colorado. Bloomberg funded Everytown for Gun Safety, which came out of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, with a pledge of $50 million. Watts and Bloomberg merged their groups, with Moms Demand Action serving as the boots on the ground for the anti-gun movement. Together, the groups have 3.5 million supporters.

Here is what National Rifle Association Jennifer Baker told NPR about this anti-Second Amendment gun conglomeration a year ago when asked whether the group was making American safer:

“Absolutely not. They are a front group for Michael Bloomberg’s gun control agenda. None of the proposals they are pushing would have prevented any of the high-profile tragedies that they exploit as a reason for pushing this agenda.”

Nonetheless, Watts could give two likely candidates, Joe Neguse and Ken Stoltz a run for their money, literally and figuratively. She has the ear of big donors across the country and she has a self-described grassroots army.

Watts would be a dominant force in the Democratic primary and would attract and mobilize big money for Republicans in the general. Not to mention, Bloomberg-backed candidates have a very poor track record here in Colorado. She should definitely get in the race.