Oh FFS. THIS lady? When we reported yesterday that Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts was considering a run for Congress, we had no idea it was her tweets that started the false narrative that United kicked two girls off a flight just because they were wearing leggings. The truth, which only emerged later, was that the two were in violation of the company dress code when flying on a discounted employee pass. Here is what she tweeted to her throngs of followers:

The best part is where she goes into a rant about societal issues…for a dress code violation. Major overreaction. Watts may have the support of former Nanny State Mayor Michael Bloomberg, but it’s pretty safe to say that the airline industry, especially United, likely will sit this one out.

This woman makes President Trump’s Twitter account look like a monastic show of self-restraint. And Watts worked in corporate communications, so she should really know better. With a Twitter account like this, we are begging, no, demanding, that she run.