A staffer in U.S. Rep. Michael Coffman’s office was mysteriously accused on Twitter of editing Wikipedia to list Donald Trump’s name to a list of notables who have been investigated for obstruction of justice.

And then as magically as the accusation appeared, it was retracted in a tweet by the same writer from The Federalist.


No explanation as to where such an accusation came from, or how in the world this could be proven, especially since the edit came from a public wifi on Capitol Hill.

“… (S)ecurity personnel indicates that the IP address connected to the edits is “associated with House Public [wifi], and anyone on campus would have that address when using House Public.”

That narrows the suspect list down to about 100,000 people.

So this is how journalism works nowadays? Just throw an accusation up until it can be refuted then erase the tweet?

The Wikipedia list includes other notorious obstruction of Justice investigations launched by Congress, including Barry Bonds and Richard Nixon.

Trump’s name has since been removed.