Guess who is sucking up to the national media after their brief meltdown Tuesday over nothing that happened?


War? Seriously?

Before Bennet declares that war has been declared, he might want to rely on something more factual than a few tweets from frustrated reporters who don’t know their own rules to begin with.

We might understand (but still mock) if Bennet got hot under the collar because Colorado media were being mistreated, but the “not-a-new-rule” only affects TV correspondents in Washington.

Not that we care, but here’s what happened.

Tweets spread that Republicans (of course) passed a new rule baring TV cameras from conducting impromptu interviews in the Capitol hallways, on the same day that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was testifying in another building that is not the Capitol.




See? Total suck up.

And for personal gain, we might add.

Anyway, the myth was corrected a few hours later. Turns out it’s always been one of a million rules that TV journalists are already supposed to be following about where they can and cannot do interviews with TV cameras, according to their own gallery website.

So everyone can rest easy. War has not been declared on the media by telling them to move their cameras out of the way.