We’re proud of our Colorado delegation for not rushing to lawmaking within minutes of the shooting tragedy Wednesday at the Republican congressional baseball practice.

The spirit of the centurty-old, bipartisan baseball game appears to have carried the day, with Democrats keeping their powder dry, so to speak, to focus instead on the tragedy and those who will be forever affected in the aftermath.

There have been no calls for gun control, no blaming the victims, no hateful rhetoric. Colorado Democrats instead offered prayers.

There may be hope yet. Especially if they can convince Democrats now running for congressional office that now is not the time. 

Meanwhile, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise is in critical condition having suffered damage to his internal organs, and will require even more operations.

We also offer our prayers to Scalise and his family, the police officers and staffer shot, and all of the lawmakers on the baseball fields that morning.

The rampage is over, let the healing begin.