What Obama does and Congress can’t undo, the Trump administration moves to scrap it anyway.

We speak of the emissions rule that would hamper oil and natural gas development, which many states say are unnecessary and duplicative, which is why the rules are being challenged in court.

Trump first gave Congress the tool to roll back the rule, but it failed in the Senate after a couple of Republicans sided with Democrats.

So, the Interior Department announced Thursday in the Federal Register that it will postpone the rule “in light of the regulatory uncertainty created by the pending litigation and the ongoing administrative review.”

“Given this legal uncertainty, operators should not be required to expend substantial time and resources to comply with regulatory requirements that may prove short-lived as a result of pending litigation or the administrative review that is already under way.”


Kathleen Sgamma, president of the Western Energy Alliance, praised the Trump administration for responding to companies’ concerns “about having to comply with rules that are likely to be overturned in court or changed significantly through the rulemaking process.”

Environmentalists are already crying.

But honestly, those people throw a hissy fit when the sun shines.