Who announces a statewide campaign behind closed doors?

U.S. Rep. Jared Polis does, with limited and amusing success.

Polis told the Denver Post he decided to join the race for the gubernatorial candidate of the Democrat Party, then made his official announcement on Reddit.

Yes, that’s a news aggregation site, a compilation and discussion of articles posted elsewhere.

Yes, we also thought Reddit was a thing of the past, but since that’s where all of Polis’s followers live, in the past, turns out it was a perfect fit for him.

Just look at some of the questions posed, and some of his answers:

Q. why does cdot drive snowplows around in june?

Q. Boulder County here. I’m glad to see you are running. My question is, do you think you can manage to not say something stupid every time you open your mouth like Hickenlooper does?

Q. If you were a color combination in MTG, which would you be?
Polis: i used to use a red-black deck

Q: Jared, what are your thoughts on the TV show “South Park”?

Q. Do you have plans should show up at a Rockies game? It’s a good political move.
/r/coloradorockies can help, stop by some time!

Q. Can you make sure John Elway stays the GM of the Broncos?

The next day, Polis took his campaign to Colorado Springs and met with constituents at a grocery store. By most accounts, it looks like about eight people turned out to greet him.

Instead of public functions, we expect to see a lot more of Polis’s campaign run from social media apps on his cell phones. When he’s not too busy playing games.