Some local officials and a conservation group went to Washington to talk to the government about the Gold King Mine.

We’ll cut to the chase, they went begging for money, not accountability.

According to the Durango Herald, it was La Plata County Commissioner Brad Blake, San Juan Commissioner Scott Fetchenhier, Durango City Councilor Dean Brookie and Ty Churchwell of Trout Unlimited.

Not a word was mentioned in the article about money owed to the affected communities for the actual spill, the EPA’s unfulfilled pledge to take responsibility, the recent inspector general report, or criminal charges.

Nope. All they wanted was to be shown the money to keep the region in Superfund purgatory.

“We wanted to make sure the EPA continued to provide a revenue stream for this particular Superfund,” Brookie said. “It was great to talk to each one of those folks and get a resounding yes.”

It’s shameful really, how quickly some people can forgive and forget, so long as a massive government boondoggle keeps pouring money into their backyard.