Vice President Mike Pence will be in Colorado Springs Friday for the 40th anniversary celebration of Focus on the Family.

It won’t be a public event because of security concerns, but KOAA News 5 will carry the event live at 11 a.m.

U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner will also get some face time with the vice president during an evening reception.

Pence will also swing by Schriever Air Force Base and tour the Cheyenne Mountain Complex.

We expect his reception will be warm, and the news coverage negative.

We started an office pool to bet on which national activist group will interrupt the day’s events with a pathetic PR stunt. We pulled the only name out of our fishbowl and expect it to be a winner.

Here’s a hint, it starts with D-E-M-O-C and ends in R-A-T-S.