U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner came out swinging against critics of the Better Care Reconciliation Act Thursday who criticized the plan about five minutes after it was released.

It’s so annoyingly partisan and we’re glad he called them out, and not just Democrats, but a few members of his own party.

“It’s frustrating that instead of actually reviewing the legislative text some have decided to immediately oppose the bill before it was even introduced. This deserves serious debate, not knee-jerk reaction.”

According to the Denver Post, “reading the bill — let alone understanding it — is a process that could take hours, given its length of 142 pages.”

But not for wannabe Democratic governors like U.S. Reps. Jared Polis and Ed Perlmutter. We grabbed these tweets more than eight hours after the plan was distributed.


Does anyone including the media really think senators are all gathered around computers typing up the bill, proofing it, and then making 535 photocopies of it to distribute?

We’re pretty sure it’s compiled by committee staffers, and then actually goes to the congressional printer and then distributed.

Congressmen should know better. And then there’s Polis:


Not only is this tired rhetoric just that, but the big tax cut is that people who can’t afford to buy insurance won’t be taxed for it.

What else is actually in the bill? To be honest, we haven’t read it beyond the tax cut so we’ll have to get back to PeakNation™ on that.