There’s a trade war looming, and before the feds go imposing tariffs on high-grade aluminum, U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner is riding to our rescue and asking that beer be exempt.

Gardner and other senators are asking that rolled can sheet used for beer cans, as well as food and lids and simple aluminum products be exempt from the madness.

“Colorado is a major beer-producing state and the results of this investigation could have an enormous impact on Colorado’s beer industry,” Gardner’s office said in a press release.

Yeah, and prices will go up for customers. The price of beer. Beer!

The reason for the tariff is to promote more domestic production of aluminum used primarily in the production of military weapons.

It’s a noble effort, but we’re talking about the price of beer.

If the Trump administration wants to hand over control of the House and Senate to Democrats in the mid-term elections, raising the price of beer will certainly do the trick.

But we’re taking politics out of the equation, just this once, and making a plea for pure humanitarian reasons. The future of our planet depends on the affordability of beer. To our friends on left, it’s also a safe bet that somewhere, some study probably says that cheap beer also prevents climate change.

So get on the bandwagon, stop the madness, and save beer!