New Mexico’s lawsuit against Colorado for the Gold King Mine spill will not be heard in the U.S. Supreme Court, the proper court to hear lawsuits between the states.

No reason was given by the court justices for their decision.

It doesn’t mean an end for the lawsuit’s accusations that Colorado is to blame for the spill for recklessly permitting mining in decades past, just that New Mexico has to find a new venue to pursue their case.

That means Colorado taxpayers will have to keep paying the legal bills for the fight, in which Colorado blames the EPA, which once admitted to causing the spill, for causing the spill.

We understand New Mexico’s anger and desire to be recompensed for the spill, because we are literally in the same mess.

Instead of turning against each other, though, the states should really focus on the federal government agency that caused this environmental disaster, and work together to hold the EPA accountable.