Gov. Hickenlooper is teaming up with John Kasich to present themselves as the dynamic duo who can reinvent healthcare.

Hickenlooper proposes to do this by lobbying U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner to vote against the current Senate bill, and Kasich by running for president  urging the entire Congress to ditch the current proposal.

“Trust me, by hook or by crook I will get a hold of him before there’s any vote. I’ll go camp out on his doorstep if I have to,” Hickenlooper said. “He is someone who is, you know, a very conservative Republican. But he also doesn’t think being a conservative Republican means putting hundreds people of thousands at risk” of losing their health insurance in Colorado.

Essentially, folks would “lose” health care under any plan put forth that proposes to either stop giving it away through Medicaid and force taxpayers to foot the bill, or by eliminating the tax that forces everyone to buy health insurance on their own.

Hick and Kasich were grandstanding jointly at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Tuesday and have also been making CNN appearances to promote their ideas on health care — free for everyone except taxpayers.

They even signed their names to an essay on the issue, which can be found on the Washington Post’s website, if you are a subscriber.

We’re hoping Hick can take a break from his grandstanding national tour to stop in at the Western Governor’s Association meeting to do his actual job as governor this week and stop acting like a presidential candidate wannabe.

We’re certain Sen. Gardner can get along just fine and do his job without Hickenlooper camping on his doorstep telling him how to be a senator.