If you want to see the hypocrisy of Democratic political activism on full display, look no further than the case of Eric Nelson, a proven liar currently in his fourth year as a member of the Aurora Public Schools Board of Education.

Compare Nelson’s treatment to that of the Jefferson County school board just two years ago. While the Democrats brought out the long knives for a group of volunteers who were simply enacting policy that they ran on, they allow this contemptible fraud to continue to hold a position of public trust.

Under the rally cry of “waste, secrecy, and disrespect,” Democrat activists launched a vicious recall effort against three members of the Jefferson County school board in 2015.  Their transgression: advocating public school reform that placed students and families ahead of the teachers union.

While the opaque grievances of “waste, secrecy, and disrespect” were enough to earn a recall election, apparently the clear cut misdeeds of lies, fraud, and stolen valor did not rise to such a level.  The cold political calculus of protecting your own is the only factor at play here, as we know what Democrats’ reaction would be had Nelson been a Republican.

To be fair, several Democrats have come forward asking Nelson to resign.  Even the left wing editor of the Aurora Sentinel called for Nelson to “go away,” in an article about the upcoming 2017 election, but there is nothing in the Sentinel story about a recall election to remove this fraud from the school board.

Of course if Nelson was a Republican, we would see recall signature gatherers at every King Soopers in the district, 24/7.  Unfortunately for the kids at APS, and the reputation of the district, Democrats are once again putting party over principle.