After we ribbed Democrats for the last six months about their terribly shallow bench, it looks like former Colorado Democratic Chairman Rick Palacio has had enough. He and former Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Steve Kerrigan are launching the Stronger States PAC to strengthen their bench.

We should send an invoice for the advice and counsel.

Here is what Palacio told Colorado Politics:

“What is interesting is that, while people are looking toward the Democratic Party, there doesn’t appear to be a lot of overlap between current political organizations and PACs and what we’re doing. There are a few focused on redistricting, a few focused on winning congressional seats, but we haven’t seen an organization out there that’s focused in doing our part to rebuild our local and state Democratic parties.”

He’s right – the Democratic bench is shallow and weak. Maybe they can start by finding candidates that actually live in the districts they hope to represent, unlike Democratic candidate Congressional candidates Jason Crow and Jon Ossoff.