Sometimes it’s better to just stay home.

It doesn’t look like enthusiasm for Mike Coffman’s latest challenger, a lawyer who lives outside of the Sixth Congressional District, is anywhere near that of former challengers Andrew Romanoff and Morgan Carroll.

While it must be embarrassing for a candidate to march in a parade in a district where he doesn’t even live, it had to be very discouraging to arrive with only four of five supporters on hand to march in that parade.

Jason Crow’s embarrassing showing at yesterday’s parade stands in stark contrast to the robust turn out that Congressman Coffman enjoyed.

While Crow’s supporters (if there are, in fact, some out there) may believe that a resume from a mid-level legal professional might be able to push him over the top in a contest against Coffman, the Republican Congressman’s country-first, servant-leader attitude has endeared him to his constituents for years. And that’s why citizens of the Sixth Congressional District keep sending Coffman back to Congress.

Too bad for Crow. Maybe Nancy Pelosi can walk with him in the next parade. After all, she is his biggest fan.