What’s wrong with this headline from KUNC?

Hickenlooper Calls On Republicans To Work With Dems On Health Bill

It’s the Democrats who got us into this health care crisis in the first place by passing Obamacare — without any Republican support, we might add.

Why on Earth would we invite Democrats to the table to stall negotiations while listening to their demands and emotional outbursts to keep the status quo?

It’s okay for Democrats to be partisan and exclude Republicans from their little club house when they’re writing laws. And without complaint from Hickenlooper.

Now is the time for the adult Republicans to sit at the big table without the squabbling Democrat children and come up with a bill that solves the problems.

We don’t ask criminals how to change laws to set them free, we don’t turn bulls lose in china shops. Democrats are not who we need to cut federal spending and eliminate the tax that forces everyone to buy insurance, whether or not they can afford it, or need it.

Hickenlooper’s call is not one for change or bipartisanship, it’s to keep Obamacare exactly as is — unaffordable for working folks.