What a snooze fest.  In 2016, Democrat and former state Sen. Gail Schwartz was the talk of the town because she was going to be the candidate to topple U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton. Prognosticators thought she had a legitimate chance and spent all sorts of money to replace Tipton. Sadly for Schwartz, Tipton beat her by a whopping 14 points. It wasn’t even close.

Now, we have state Rep. Mitsch Bush. As a candidate, she is nearly identical to Gail Schwartz, echoing many of the issue positions that destroyed the economy in rural Colorado (that Schwartz embraced).  We wish her good luck. The liberal-turned-pragmatic schtick (but not really) did not work out well for Schwartz in a highly-contentious election year. We suspect it will also not work out well for Mitsch Bush.

But, hey, if the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee wants to throw good money after bad trying to pry Tipton out of that seat, they should definitely burn through those resources. As for Colorado, wake us up when it’s over. Been there, done that.