Darryl Glenn

After yesterday’s announcement that Republican state Senator and Fifth Congressional candidate Owen Hill had a very good fundraising quarter, a new challenger appeared on the horizon – former Republican U.S. Senate candidate Darryl Glenn. Glenn was unsuccessful in his bid to unseat incumbent U.S. Senator Michael Bennet in 2016, and, subsequently, started his own consulting business. Both men are challenging U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn in the Fifth Congressional District.

Lamborn proved to be vulnerable in last year’s election as relative newcomer, Calandra Vargas, almost blocked his access to the ballot at the Congressional Assembly. Such vulnerability is bound to attract challengers.

This newest development has to be disappointing for Hill, who responded saying that Glenn is “long on talk, short on accomplishments,” according to Colorado Politics.

Hill likely would have benefited with a head-to-head match against Lamborn as typically, multi-candidate primaries benefit the incumbent. Nonetheless, El Paso County is a strange place with many factions and traditional rules don’t always apply.

This certainly be a race to watch.