Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has found a great new way to waste millions of taxpayer dollars.

He wants to create an entirely new bureaucracy to encourage people to walk and ride bikes as the preferred choice of transportation because he apparently doesn’t know it snows here. A lot.

“Restructuring Denver Public Works to elevate transportation and mobility — now one of the highest priorities for the people of Denver — and then creating a new Department of Transportation and Mobility will advance our ability to move more people, more efficiently and more safely,” Hancock said Wednesday in a news release.

The only thing this new cabinet would advance is Hancock’s political aspirations as he heads into an election season, and according to the Denver Post is likely to seek a third term in office.

Thankfully, for taxpayers, his idea requires voter approval to create this new agency, which could not occur until next year.

With any luck, a snowstorm will hit on Election Day so voters will realize what a really stupid idea this is for Colorado’s capital city.