With U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter out of the race for governor, it’s time we start taking a closer look at fellow U.S. Rep. Jared Polis to see what Democratic factions will begin coalescing around him.

Judging by previous donors to his 2016 campaign, it’s not at all who we expected.Anyone betting that environmentalists would top the list would be wrong, like barely in the top 10 wrong. With a mere total contribution of less than $17,000, environmentalists literally came in 10th place.

The top three contributors by profession were securities and investments, lawyers, and real estate.

Not exactly the liberal portfolio we would expect from a politician representing Boulder.

Polis also appears bashful in spending his own millions of dollars banked.

He raised $1,383,484 and spent $1,326,165.

All of his PAC money came from the business sector, zero from labor.

Only $43,000 was spent from outside groups, or rather group — the Democratic Party of Colorado. The Sierra Club spent a whopping $10.

If Polis is going to nail that Democratic nomination, he’s going to need a lot more support from the wallets of Democrats.

Or he could just rely on his own wealth, like President Donald Trump did.