Secretary of State Wayne Williams and other election officials across the nation won’t be submitting voter information data to the presidential commission, just yet.

A national privacy group filed a lawsuit complaining the electronic system by which the information would be sent is not secure, and they say a privacy assessment study should be conducted first.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center that filed a temporary restraining order in court has shown itself over the decades to act in a non-partisan manner.

They are fierce when it comes to making sure government, whether Democrat or Republican, does not violate the privacy of Americans.

While the information being sought is public information, the privacy center is right to make sure that the process for handling all of the this information is handled in a secure manner.

Williams says he will refrain from submitting the information until he receives further word from the commission after the judge’s ruling Wednesday.

So Democrats can rest easy. Voter fraud they fear might be revealed is also safe, for now.