I hate you, Colorado Peak Politics

For someone trained as a geologist, it doesn’t seem like basic math is one of the Governor’s strong suits.  Against the backdrop of Red Rocks, Governor Hickenlooper announced he would adopt a mini version of the Paris Climate Agreement. It would be imposed on Colorado unilaterally, along with a plan to further damage Colorado’s coal industry.

In a strange game of carrot and stick, Hickenlooper offered to somehow provide high-speed broadband service to communities where workers will be displaced by his expensive energy agenda.  Something tells us that people won’t be interested in swapping their careers for a T-1 line – just a hunch. But hey, the out-of-work coal miners can always plug their Teslas into the new corridor of electric vehicle charging stations that Hickenlooper dreamed out loud. Amirite?

Sadly, for the Governor to even make such an ill-conceived suggestion demonstrates how out of touch he is with both the hard-working members of the energy industry in Colorado, as well as the families who rely on safe, efficient, and affordable energy to power their homes, cars, and electronics.

Hickenlooper then doubled down on crazy, relying on dubious environmental “science” and even more questionable economics to call for increasing the state’s renewable energy production while lowering energy costs.  We’re not sure how this news has not reached the Governor’s desk by now, but solar energy is way more expensive than electricity from coal or gas-fired plants.

Just how the governor expects to reduce costs while mandating more expensive energy is totally lost on us – and we presume most of the scientific community as well.  We’re waiting to see which Democrat gubernatorial candidates throw their support behind this impending economic disaster that the Governor unleashed on us simpletons. But we’re sure this issue plays well with the base Hick would hope to attract should he decide to run for President.